Kit James

Starting Out

'Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other'
John F. Kennedy

I love supporting those starting out or early in their professional journey to find clarity and purpose as they set out on their working life. There is huge pressure on the current 20-30 generation, and they also put huge pressure on themselves to have ‘all the answers.’
Coaching the next generation of CEOs is fantastically rewarding and their energy and enthusiasm ensures that we always come up with the ‘way forward’ even if it is not the one that was anticipated!

You Are

  • Driven and ambitious but just not quite sure which direction to go in
  • Struggling with the head and heart issue of following your passion or going for the better-paid option
  • Feeling down on yourself because ‘everyone else has their life sorted’ ( hint: they don’t!)
  • Demotivated and procrastinating because that is easier than making big decisions that might be wrong
Sound Like You?

We Can

  • Channel that ambition in the most effective way
  • Look at both sides and then come up with a hybrid solution
  • Let you in on a few home truths and build that confidence
  • Find out what is really going on then come up with a proactive plan to move forward.
Sound Like a Plan?
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