Kit James

Personal Coaching

Guillaume Apollinaire

I also take on a select number of clients for personal coaching each year.
These contracts are longer and are not for the faint-hearted.
The work is deep and challenging.
The results spectacular.

You Are

  • Still feeling hollow despite having achieved success
  • Struggling with the feeling you have more to give despite having it all
  • Wanting a change of direction but you don’t know where to start (and anyway you are too old to change …right?!)
  • Looking for real purpose, I mean REAL purpose that makes the world notice (hint- its never about making more money!)
Sound Like You?

We Can

  • Work out what real success looks like
  • Take you to the next level so you feel fulfilled and happy
  • Work out what the change looks like then drive through all those limiting beliefs
  • Build schools, set up a charity, make the impossible possible


Sound Like a Plan?
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