Kit James

Executive Coaching

“All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.”
Tom Northup

The ability to get the best out of your team is often overlooked, as is creating the right culture but the facts are that businesses that get this right simply are more successful.

Kit and his team of carefully pre-selected coaches specialise in working with Founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs of SMEs at the many different stages of their careers.

We are expert at supporting you as you build your businesses and adept at challenging you to focus your attentions in the most productive way to ensure success for that stage of the business development.

As a business grows so priorities change and we are on hand to point these out.

Investing in leaders has a ripple affect that can be enormous.

We help you achieve this.

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

You Are

  • Feeling frustrated at the lack of clarity needed for real business growth.
  • Feeling very busy… but not quite sure what you are achieving.
  • Being unclear on how to lead for this stage of the business cycle.
  • Life/work balance is horribly out of whack and your personal relationships are suffering as a result.

We Can

  • Ensure you achieve that clarity and come up with a strategy to communicate it effectively.
  • Enable you to prioritise the actions that will REALLY grow your business.
  • Support you to be an effective leader for this stage of the business cycle.
  • Reduce your stress levels whilst fast tracking business growth.

You Are

  • Not understanding why your Senior Leadership team is not working well together
  • Unclear on how to create the culture you want
  • Struggling with demotivated/leaving workforce
  • Lack of accountability in the business
Sound Like You?

We Can

  • Facilitate improved communication, clear goals and measurable outcomes
  • Draw out the necessary leadership skills to maximise growth
  • Co-create a clear understanding of your desired culture and a proactive strategy to execute it
  • Slow you down to speed you up!
Sound Like a Plan?

The Hero Process

What Is It?

A bespoke year long programme, that supports businesses in a pro-active way to create the right leadership and culture as their business grows. This enables founders and business leaders to create the business in their own vision whilst ensuring that they do not fall into the usual traps and, at the same time, reduce stress and maintain a sensible life work balance.


The HERO process is a framework that is designed to support a business for a whole year (and sometimes longer). We are therefore able to measure achievements over a sensible length of time and also to ensure that the coaching methodologies and practices are properly embedded in the organisation leading to sustainable and measurable growth rather than an unsustainable ‘quick fix’ solution.

The HERO process has been designed to ensure that each and every element of the process can be created in a bespoke way for the business rather than a one formula fits all approach. As a result, we can co- create the programme that adds most value to YOUR business.

HHolistic analysis of your role in your business

Phase 1

1:1 coaching with CEO/Owner/Founder

2x I hour coaching sessions per month for 12 months. Additional weekly catch up calls/what’s app support as necessary

Typical areas covered:

  • Who you need to be as a leader for this business cycle
  • Key business hires/relationships and how to manage them
  • The culture you want to create
  • Defining your vision and how to communicate it
  • Implementation of the business strategy
  • How to deal with ‘roadblocks’
  • Measures of success
  • Sustainable growth whilst retaining control

EExecutive structure and trickle-down culture

Phase 2

Focused group coaching with the executive team to develop desired culture across the business.

Quarterly Group half day sessions with senior management team

Typical areas covered:

  • Defining the culture
  • Communicating the culture (walking the talk)
  • Where it is working
  • Where it is not working
  • How to improve staff retention / happiness
  • Open and honest feedback sessions

RRoadmap, vision, strategy implementation & communication

Phase 3

Supporting the creation of strategy surrounding communication and implementation both internally and customer facing:

Quarterly Group half day sessions with senior management team

Typical areas covered:

  • Defining the long-term vision
  • Scoping out the business strategy
  • Identifying key stakeholders
  • Identifying key business priorities
  • Communications strategy-internal
  • Communications strategy-external

OOwnership, operations and on-going

Phase 4

Supporting the ongoing strategy of business operations in order to avoid outsourcing to retain control of the results and ongoing business operations

  • Up to 6 1:1 coaching sessions with key individuals to ensure consistency and identify any additional support needed
  • Final day long workshop to review achievement and design on-going strategy

Typical areas covered:

  • Annual review of all areas
  • Feedback session across all areas
  • Areas that require improvement
  • On-going strategy
  • Measures of success
  • Who does what
  • Next stages


Re-Energise, Re-Engage, Re-Position Your teams in a Post Covid World

Are you struggling to re-energise your team in a post COVID world?
Do you find that creating the team ‘feeling’ is harder than it used to be?
Are you aware of individual issues in your team in the same way you used to be?
Is it a challenge to draw the collective energy from your team in a remote environment?
As a leader, is it hard to adapt your business to a post COVID world?
Are you worried that your business is not ‘fit for purpose’ in a post COVID world?
Could you do more to keep your people energised and engaged in the new world?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes …then get in touch for our complimentary briefing on IGNITE.

IGNITE combines the very latest in data analytics with a dedicated programme of both team and individual coaching to ensure your team is performing at an optimal level in a post COVID world.

To find out more please click here.

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